The Welcome Mat

by Herbert Walker

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This album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Doctor Eamon Ford in his studio in the warm month of May.

Any and all money raised by this album before the end of July will be donated to Give For France.


released July 17, 2016

We owe special thanks to our special guests who are:
Evan Bisbee for playing trumpet on tracks 2, 4, and 5, and for playing keyboard on tracks 5 and 8.
Rhys Kelso for playing trombone on tracks 2 and 5.
and Eamon Ford for playing lead guitar on track 1.

And more thanks goes to:
Sean Gilchrist for album artwork
and Schuyler Kennedy for banner artwork.



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Herbert Walker Phoenix, Arizona

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Track Name: Cold Horizon
I see your thoughts they're racing, growling like that freight we threw stones at in perfect places, till home became strange to us.
Your mind is made up, hard hearts they break up, time's never wasted, life is a choice.
Oh and that same day, there was some big parade, now I can't remember what it was we were celebrating, what was so great about it?
Your mind is made up, hard hearts they break up, time's never wasted, life is a choice.
No destination, no returns or refunds, no please remind me that it's not all sun and sequins, no it's never fun and games.
I know you get depressed when you get realistic, welcome to my weekdays, hope you find some solace in that, hope you find some solace in me.
Your mind is made up, hard hearts they break up, time's never wasted, life is a choice.
Share with me where you want to be, give me a call and I'll tell you that you're already there. Hope we get stuck together with one thing in common, we just like the option to check out early if we want to.
Your mind is made up, hard hearts they break up, time's never wasted, life is a choice.
I hurt my neck looking up to much, and I start to worry that there's no sun behind that cold horizon. There is nothing behind it, still.
Track Name: Growing To-do List
It's so great to find you here in this place spinning beyond my years.
Your heart's so big it has no home; it's everywhere at once.
That's okay, I'll watch from here, the sky's so big, the night so clear, and as long as life exists, I want it to grow.
Thoughts so big, a mouth so little, you make me feel so forgetful, whatever it is escapes the name, I'm your biggest fan.
And I laughed so hard I cried, felt naked every time, you've driven me so mad I couldn't find my way around cause you're my growing to-do list.
Sometimes we can disagree and I don't see the same things you see and we can let it build between us if we let it stick.
It depends on time of day, we've said what we regret to say, but everything is still okay and oh I still love you.
Maybe we feel small and petty, everything just seems upsetting, we can hang around down here for a little bit.
Our eyes are fun-house mirrors, and our ears don't hear so crystal-clear, everything goes in and comes out the way it came cause you're my growing to-do list. I've been coming to. You're my growing to-do list.
Track Name: Brother/sister/brother
Parents stuck together, but that doesn't mean there's no such thing as an unbroken home. We did okay. You always say the things the way I need to hear them said. Damnit you're so funny. You're like nobody else I know, and I know I'll never be alone, no matter where you go, no matter where I am.
I'll be with you soon.
Brother, sister, I do miss you. Why do you have to be so far away from me?
Almost wish I knew you better. We'll be just like mom and dad, miss all the chances we had. In a way you could say I won the greatest lottery. You could've been born somewhere or someone else or no one at all. Brother, sister, no once gets our incest jokes. Maybe we're the crazy ones.
Track Name: Faking It
Don't worry about me, I've never been this happy. In my walls it's just all out-going calls. And my room's much cozier now that it's not packed with so much meaning. Everything that comes out your mouth doesn't have to be profound.
And I won't say what, I won't say when. But maybe next time I'm gonna nail it. That daily thing that gives me the creeps and just stares at me so out of reach. Don't need to be good at faking it, don't need to be good at taking it.
Track Name: Gross Human Heart
My gift to you today is all my nights spent without sleep, and tomorrow, all my hours of day dreaming. I see a fair-weather friend, fare well, my friend, please take good care of them. Too many places, to many available spaces. It's never ending. I see a fair-weather friend, fare-well, my friend, please take good care of them.
I did enjoy our quiet car rides, but you went missing like my favorite white noise. The games we invented as the landscapes passed us by. And I could place blame on the gross human heart, or maybe it's just another body part. The games we invented as the landscapes passed us by.
And this is the world you made, we could go outside, but we don't have to. And if I wait I could be in some shiny place, but no place exists. I don't want what I don't need, I just don't know what I need, and that doesn't bother me.
The value of a friend, I learned that the hard way.
Track Name: Professional Tomfoolery
Professional Tomfoolery is enough to get me off track, man-oh-man was I mistaken. Trying hard to give a shit, where I'm bound to sink or swim, slim chance of lucking out like this again.
Track Name: Paycheck Song
Tell the world that I think they forgot something, not just one thing that we don't mention. On my birthday I heard my voice and it made me vomit, do you relate?
When I'm watching the sun setting on Sunday, I feel alright. I feel okay cause I know one day I'll retire in a quiet, happy ending with all the time and money that I can finally spend.
And it's not death that I'm afraid of. No it's more like a wasted living. Where did my weeks go? Just to some paycheck, hope it goes to my savings.
When I'm watching the Sunday, I feel alright. I feel okay cause I know that one day I'll retire in a quiet, happy ending with all the time and money that I can finally spend.
Track Name: Mentioned in a Closet
I'm not better, I'm just dealing with it better. You say that's growing, but I still feel seven years old. Is this real living? Or are we all just giving up, are we giving up?
What's the going rate, and should I feel underpaid? Give me real feeling cause I've looked through everything I have.
But I'm not better; I'm just dealing with it better.

Not the best bet I'd make, not the best one I'd advise. Disclosed diary entries in closets and pantries with the closest friends I had, with the only ones I need.
What's gone into you now, what's gone into you boy? You prefer the life you live, you've got Big Hands with you. When did suddenly my days become currency?
Track Name: Cab Ride in BKK
The people are sand, not castles. We're the germs that live in our mouths. And though the history's full of ass-holes, we live it up to ourselves to be the better loving person. And at times it may feel worse when you get lost, but you'll find it later, along with something that's worth saving. And hope is a lost lover on a train just getting farther and the space between us changes, but the distance remains nameless. I wanna tell my friends that I love and miss them, and I wish that I was with them. And I miss the past but this is the present, and the future's where I'm heading, in a ship that sails nowhere cause the captain's home with his family and I guess that I should be there, cause it's been a while and I bet they're worried. And the people just look like headlights and the pretty faces on billboards and I guess my head's not screwed to tight, please tell me what it's there for. Those that are close say that I think too much and I don't think that I think enough, rather that I think that I'm never thinking, but I think that I'm only thinking that I'm thinking.
Track Name: Chad
Seems you're always breaking your limbs when you're out skating with friends. And I'm for it; do what you love even if it hurts you.
Got lost in the mountains, we got lost in ourselves, in the pollen spring time, far away from everyone else. Young and optimistic, watching the sky unfold around us.
And I remember your house, and the nights the lights never went out. Sometimes it felt like we invited the whole damn town. And we'd stay up till the globe turned back around.